Created by inventor Joel Welch out of Michigan, USA, Qwikshare is designed to ease the process of contact sharing between friends, family, coworkers and direct to client marketing/promotion. As more and more people network, whether in the line of work or in personal settings, it is commonplace to exchange contacts. "Make contact sharing QWIK" with the Qwikshare app today!


The app works by generating a barcode that is assigned to the user’s contact information. When this barcode is scanned, and both users agree on the push notification, the app automatically sends the contact to the other individual fast and efficiently. The user will then choose whether to keep this contact on the app or to update their contact list. For security, the app will have a password feature for the two contact lists.

Being that Qwikshare is a productivity app, the demand is projected to increase, and it will be driven by two main factors. First, the increased adoption and use of smartphones globally and secondly, the need to network more efficiently. Qwikshare is specifically designed to be user-friendly, promoting efficiency and convenience all in one app. Providing a secure platform is our top priority! Qwikshare handles critical information and therefore we make to place a significant premium on cyber security!


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Easy to Use

Qwikshare allows the user to generate a barcode that can be scanned to quickly save a contact.

Secure platform

As the function of Qwikshare is to share sensitive information such as contacts, Qwikshare is designed with cybersecurity in mind!

Saves Time

Qwikshare simplifies the need to read out contacts or give out business cards. It saves valuable time for the users and, therefore, allows for more productivity.

Space requirement

Qwikshare doesn’t require much space. This ensures that the user is not bugged with notifications for “extra space needed” to install the app.

Available in Multiple Operating Systems

Qwikshare is available on both iOS and Android! Giving users the ability to work across these platforms without limiting its users to a specific platform.

Business Professionals

Business professionals interact with new clients on a regular basis, and an essential aspect of this interaction is the exchange of contacts. Ditch those old business cards and start virtually sending and receiving all contact information via the Qwikshare App!


Demand from Friends and Family.
As the world turns and our phones turn into the next new model faster and faster, users require apps that will increase the convenience of sensitive information, such as their contacts, and this makes Qwikshare the prime contact management and sharing option!


The competition landscape is diverse with players serving different needs such as business cards sharing, contact list sharing or pure contact sharing through texts, email or via Bluetooth. Considering that the adoption of productivity and business apps stands at 20% and 33% respectively, the potential for this product is there and only continuing to grow



Available in both the Google Play store and the APPLE IOS store!

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